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Handbags Fashion: The Most Iconic Bags For All Time

Bags are both a necessary accessory for women for carrying essentials as well a style statement to reflect the personal style of a particular woman.

Most Iconic Bags

Most Iconic Bags

Since most women do not wear garments with pockets, which can be used for carrying essential like keys, cash, documents and credit cards, they usually have to carry a bag or clutch with them. Thus a well designed, high quality and fashionable designer bag is both a necessity and an investment which is worth the money spent on the bag as it can be considered to be collectible, whose value will increase over a period of time.

Many of the famous fashion designers have developed a series of bags to meet the unending demand for fashionable and well designed handbags for women. Today we are going to browse through some of the most famous bags, which changed the face of fashion for good. Some of them were first made at the beginning of the last century, while others are fairly new, but they are here to stay.

Fendi, Baguette

For a handbag that has some colors and patterns while being chic and compact enough for nights out, this bag which was launched back in 1997 now has over 700 different styles.

Lulu Guinness

Truly unique, this bold red lip-shaped clutch will make you think of a functional sculpture and fashion statement in one!

Givenchy, Antigona

Classic and elegant, Givenchy’s Antigona has been seen being carried around by the likes of Naomi Watts and Beyonce. Despite being very expensive, the classic design has seen several updates to improve it even more.

Gucci, Jackie

If you know Jackie Onassis, then you know this iconic bag. This bag takes about 13 hours to make, and even though the modern version has seen some modification, it is still reminiscent of the original one seen on the arm of Jackie Onassis herself.

Iconic Bags For All Time

Iconic Bags For All Time

Hermes, Constance

This is another one closely associated with Jackie Onassis and is said to be named after the designer’s very own child.

Louis Vuitton

Speedy – If you have a Speedy, this luxury brand bag will surely make you feel like royalty. It is such a classic design that a lot of bag makers have basically drawn inspiration from its spacious and study structure.

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