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Ways to Design Your Own Clothes

Learning how to design your own clothing can be a challenging and rewarding creative endeavor.

Designing Clothes

Designing Clothes

Whether you want to design your own clothes or begin a fashion label, designing clothes takes creativity and dedication. You need to be able to envision the outfits you need to design, to draw them, and then to choose the fabric you would like and sew the clothes you have been dreaming about. If you want to take it to the next level, you may also start promoting your clothes and start your own design company.

You simply like the thought of designing clothes for yourself or family members, there are a variety of things you will need to think about while you begin the design process. Here are some ideas to get you started designing your own clothes.

Select a fabric

Consider texture and flow of fabric with regards to your pattern. Obtain extra fabric as may arise with assembly, as well as embellishments for example buttons, lace, beads or embroidery floss.

Get inspired

Search for fabrics, objects or people who keep you going to create a new piece of clothing. Search online or in magazines for current or retro trends that you desire to incorporate into your designs. Try visiting craft and fabric stores to locate swatches or notions that may form the basis for a whole piece.

Take a look at popular trends

Look at popular trends when designing your clothing. Fashion magazines are a good place to begin to get a sense of what designs have been in and what designs are out during a season. Take a look at what the top fashion designers are producing for the runway. Like a designer, you should not aim to emulate other designers, but instead to be inspired by their work to produce your own original designs.

Sew your designs yourself

Sew your designs yourself or have a seamstress sew them for you personally. If you know how to make clothing utilizing a sewing machine or sewing manually, you can work on your own creations and find out how they look on a real model or mannequin. It is a good idea to first use pins or thread to baste your garment while you are trying to get your design as you like it, as well regarding achieve a proper fitting.

Add color

A lot of the success of your design depends on what colors you use. Take into account the garment’s intended purpose and how you would imagine someone wearing it. Then choose your colors accordingly. Attempt to blend unexpected color combinations to add some surprise to your design.

Design Your Own Clothes

Design Your Own Clothes

Begin to draw

You can draw on paper, or having a computer software. Either way, start with a basic human form. It doesn’t need to be anatomically correct, as long as it possesses a stable basis for you to design clothing. Outline the fundamental shape of the garment you wish to design, beginning with big ideas and adding details while you refine the drawing.

Expand your knowledge and talents

Expand your knowledge and abilities by signing up for a design program. Many colleges offer programs in clothing design. You can expect to need to present a portfolio of your designs together with other application requirements. This is a great way to learn clothing design while working in a highly creative environment with other design students.

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