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Stylish Wrist Tattoos Design Ideas For Girls

The wrist is the perfect part for every type of tattoos: scripts, names, quotes, tribal, ornaments, Celtic bands, symbols.

Tattoos Design Ideas

Tattoos Design Ideas

Tattoo art has been prevailing the fashion industry for a long time now. And it seems to escalate a step every time. There’s no way this amazing trend is diminishing any time soon or ever. Among the infinite ideas of tattoo art, wrist tattoo designs are very popular among the masses of women. Wrist tattoos are flaunted by a lot celebrities which have hyped the wrist tattoo designs even more.

Wrist tattoos designs are extremely popular in women. Its very pretty, not difficult to cover if you need, easy to heal and you can look at it all the time! One thing to consider when you’re thinking of getting a wrist tattoo is that your skin will be exposed to the sunlight a lot of the time, so it’s even more essential than usual to wear sunscreen on your wrist tattoo every day to prevent your beautiful ink fading over time.

Music Themed Tattoo

For music-lovers, the wrist is an ideal spot to depict your passion. The small area is the perfect position for a musical note, and a phrase from a favorite song would also be an inspired choice.

Butterflies Tattoo

Butterfly wrist tattoo designs can be small and charming, colorful and vibrant or even dark and gothic. A large, intricate butterfly looks fantastic as a wrist tattoo, but a group of smaller, less detailed butterflies also looks great. You can even include other images in your butterfly wrist tattoo design, such as leaves, flowers or stars.

Quote Tattoo

A quote tattoo on your wrist is also cool especially if the words are beautiful and meaningful. It can be a love quote or even a motivational/inspirational quote so you can be more motivated to live your life. It will be cool for having a good quote on your wrist.

Bow Wrist Tattoo

Bow wrist tattoo is also beautiful to have. Do not really stick with black ink color because for the bow, it will be prettier if you use pink or bright color to paint this. Consider the bow tattoo and you will find it cute and pretty on your wrist.

Angel Wing Tattoo

Angel wing tattoo will also be great on women who want a wrist tattoo that is simple but looks so damn cool. You can have one wing on your left wrist while the other one is on your other wrist to make it a pair. This is definitely beautiful.

Wrist Tattoos Ideas

Wrist Tattoos Ideas

World Map Tattoo

World map tattoo will definitely look good on your pretty wrist and this can simply be painted in small size. It will look cute and cool since it is different from any other wrist tattoos that may mostly people have.

Crown Wrist Tattoo

Crown wrist tattoo is also beautiful to try and it is usually often worn by women. You can have the small or medium size just based on your preference. Many women will love crown tattoo design, so you may feel so.

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