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Ways To Get Smoky Eyes With Makeup

Smokey Eye makeup is among those legendary makeup which will go anywhere anytime. You can do that to a night club or you can even do it on a wedding.

Eyes Makeup

Eyes Makeup

Today glamorous and Smokey eye makeup techniques are famous for the events and occasions makeup. The classical Smokey eye looks attractive and charming. It provide you a perfect look for a night out party or day at office, the sharpness of Smokey eye makeup is up to you. You can look irresistible attractive by applying different kinds of Smokey eye makeup.

If you really like to do makeup, then you’ll know that without eye makeup your makeup is incomplete. Smokey eye makeup can be done by using different colors together and well blinded effect to really make it glamorous. You can give a perfect Smokey look to your eyes by following some simple tips.


Using a primer under all of your shadows, but it’s particularly important with a smokey eye. The primer provides a smooth, even base, that is necessary for all the blending that goes on with a smokey eye. Primer also makes the shadow last longer and prevents creasing.


Blend different colors in bottom lashes allow it a full smudge effect. You need to coat eye shadow brush with deep accent shadow color and brush into crease of eye. Apply eye shadow in V-shape toward outer corner of eye then down to create a Smokey effect.

Base Color Eye Shadow

After blending primer, apply eye shadow of dark grey color or silver that should have shiny effect. Apply this overall eye lid and blend smoothly then draw a line having a shadow pencil this pencil should of darker color than the color you have applied as base. Include it with the eye shadow with the help of finger or eye makeup brush.

Use of Eye Shadow Colors

Eye colors should be applied with care as darker colors are used in Smokey eye makeup. Smokey eye makeup should of dark blackish or grayish shade. you may also choose dark green or bluefish in the mid of your eyelids.

Eye Liner

To get that perfect celebrity smokey eye look, line the whole eye with a black pencil. Try to get this line as close for your eyelashes as possible. In order to get it up into your lash line, make use of your fingertip and gently move it around on the eyelid and into the lash line. You can soften this effect having a cotton swab.

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips


Using a brush, you may sweep under the eyes to remove any powder or fallout that may have collected in the area. Having a white colored eye pencil, line the waterline until the tear-duct area. This is done to ensure that the eyes look wider, larger, and brighter. The effect will make you appear looking awake and incredibly healthy. White eyes look wonderful in any women as it brings out the color of the iris.

Final Touch

The eye line and the base is round the eyelid. Now, to get that perfect smoky eyes, utilize a dark color like that of black or brownish. Blend the eye shadow gently and be sure to smudge the color in to the lash line so that the eye liner disappears.

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