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How To Choose Right Running Shoe For Your Foot Type

If you have trouble picking the best running shoes, it may help to learn more about your foot type before you shop for your next pair.

Right Running Shoe

Right Running Shoe

Shoes of the same size can fit people differently because not all feet are created equal. Figuring out what type of foot you have, how it sits, what way it bends and other little features play a large part in determining what shoes you should buy.

Although you may think you know your shoe size, it is common to get your foot sized occasionally. This gives you the best starting point to finding the perfect fitting running shoe. Now that you know your size does not mean you shouldn’t try the shoe on. Sizing fluctuates between manufacturers and you may need different sizes. Knowing your arch is also important for comfort and fit.

Medium Arch

This is the most common foot type. Having a medium arch means you have a neutral pair of feet that roll just the right amount inwards, absorbing the shock forces properly. Runners with this foot type can wear neutral, cushioned running shoes as the feet are themselves doing the balancing work while running. Shoes that brag about ‘motion control’ or ‘stability’ are not meant for the medium arch people.

Right Running Shoe For Foot Type

Flat Arch

Runners with a flat arch have a pair of feet that over-pronate. Their feet roll inwards excessively when in motion even after the absorption of the shock. This can result to stress related injuries of the feet. So the right shoes for severe over-pronators would be one with ‘motion control’. For moderate over- pronators the shoes with ‘stability’ would be apt.

High Arch

Runners that fall in the high arch category have a pair of feet that roll outwards while running. This causes too much of the shock to travel up the legs. For such feet, you need neutral shoes with a soft cushioning in the middle of the sole. Such runners should not go in for shoes with ‘motion control’ or ‘stability’.

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