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Exciting & Romantic Things To Do For Boyfriend Birthday

Hey Girls! Is there your boyfriend birthday? Try to surprise or excite your boyfriend with some special romantic activities & ideas.

Romantic ideas for Boyfriend Birthday

Romantic Boyfriend Birthday

Finding some good chances to pour your love into his heart is an ideal option and your boyfriend’s birthday is a special day that could not be skipped. Special moments make it only better! So when it comes to organizing events like your boyfriends birthday, careful planning and creativity can be of great help. Spontaneity can be an added asset and can be used to bring in some excitement and zest in your lives while keeping the flame burning bright. Have a look on these following ideas for your boyfriend birthday:-

Write A Poem

This one’s a little tricky but it’s possible! Even if you are not a poetic genius with a little imagination it is possible. Just be honest and write it from your heart. It doesn’t even have to rhyme!

Birthday Spanking

Send him a text or email at the exact time he came into the world. Tell him how happy you are that he was born and how much you love him. Remind him that there used to be a time when doctors spanked newborns on the bottom to make sure they were breathing. To commemorate his birthday properly, you’ll need to do the same thing. Arrange to meet him later so that you can deliver his birthday spanking. Show up wearing a doctor’s stethoscope, white lab coat, his favorite outfit underneath and a big smile.

Treasure Hunt

We bet you played treasure hunt when you were kid. Well then you know the rules of the game! Just place one clue in a place where he’ll find it in the morning. That clue should lead him to another place where he will find the next clue. Your link of clues should lead him to the hidden gift! Great way to keep him guessing!

Pamper Him Crazy

Girls loved to be pampered, but here’s a secret… guys love it too! They will definitely not tell you that but when you make an effort to make him feel loved and special on his birthday, he won’t be able to thank you enough. Spoiling him rotten doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the spa and to the salon for a facial, but doing anything and everything your boyfriend wants you to do, on his birthday. If he is adventurous, plan out a weekend, where both of you can go rock climbing or trekking. If he chooses to spend a day with you instead of two, ask him what he really wishes to do and do it for him. Even if that means, sitting at home, watching a football match.

Naughty Jar

You could fill up a glass jar with paper chits. In each chit mention one romantic aspect of your relationship. You could get imaginative and write down some naughty things as well! Once it’s made just ask him to pick one chit out every morning and read it before going to office!

Making Love Coupons

Each person has one birthday a year, so it must be the memorable time. Why don’t you make some love coupons to present them to your lover on his own day? What is a love coupon? It is the prize that he may receive. The rule is that he has once chance to pick out one coupon among many attractive ones. It is very simple activity but very interesting, too. How does your boyfriend do when he is awarded a sweet kiss? Maybe, it is the most romantic idea for a boyfriend on his birthday.

Favourite Meal

This one’s a classic way to please your man! Try cooking up his favourite meal. Look up on the Net for free recipes or if you have a cookbook at home get creative in the kitchen! Then watch him eat merrily away!

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