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Digital Photography Techniques for Beginners

With some digital photography basics under your belt you can start to take control of your camera and produce incredible photos.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography

Digital photography beginners should bear two things in your mind. It’s the easiest thing in the world to take a photography, so unlike other hobbies you are able to get into it straight away. The key to effective product photography is lighting and also the key to effective lighting is control. Once you know how, you can control the force, size, position, color and quantity of lights you use. And, each of these controls changes the way the subject looks.

So feast your eyes below, check out some in our best photography tips on everything from establishing your digital camera to honing your photo composition, and by the end you will learn the secrets and shortcuts for you to get high-quality pictures every time.

Keep your camera with you all the time

Photo ops often come whenever you least expect it. If you’re able to keep your equipment relatively simple – only a small camera bag and a tripod – you may be able to take advantage of some of those unexpected opportunities. Or, if your phone has a camera, use it to consider “notes” on scenes you’d like to go back to with your regular camera.

Charge your batteries

Don’t assume your camera’s battery is fully charged – makes it. Charge it before you go out so you’re certain there’s enough life inside it, and invest in a spare battery should you regularly find yourself shooting beyond its capacity.

Make a list of shots you’d like to get

For all those times you can’t carry your camera around, keep a little notebook to jot down places you’d prefer to come back and photograph. Be sure to note any important details, such as the lighting, so you can come back at the same time of day or when the weather’s right.

Manual lenses

There are thousands of lenses left over from the times of 35mm film, and as many digital SLRs are ‘backwards compatible’ they are able to still be used in the digital age. Moreover, as numerous of them are dirt-cheap it’s a great way of expanding your focal length repertoire. But there’s a downside.

Enjoy the learning process

The good thing of having a hobby like photography isn’t running out of things to learn. Inspiration encompasses you. Look at everything using the eyes of a photographer and you’ll see opportunities you won’t ever noticed before.

Shoot more than you need

Even with static subjects, consider shooting instant frames using your camera’s continuous shooting mode. Subtle variations within the light as clouds move across a landscape, or perhaps a portrait subject changing expression, are generally examples of a ‘perfect moment’ that could be missed with only a single shot, so shoot a burst and pick the right frame later.

Digital Photography Techniques for Beginners

Digital Photography Techniques for Beginners

Experiment with your camera’s settings

Your point and shoot might be more flexible and powerful than you realize. Read the manual for help deciphering all those little symbols. As you explore, try shooting your subjects with multiple settings to understand what effects you like. When you’re looking at your photos on a computer, you can check the EXIF data (usually within the file’s properties) to recall the settings you used.

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